Digital Security Camera GuardCam SG560K-14mHD

GuardCam SG560K-14mHD

The GuardCam SG560K-14mHD is a stand-alone and portable still or video black light infrared digital security camera with motion sensor, ideal for discreet surveillance where photographic evidence is required.

The SG560K-14mHD Digital GuardCam model now features BLACK LIGHT IR TECHNOLOGY(no red light or flash of a night), Time lapse Photo taking and on site viewing ( of images taken) This is particularly useful in the initial positioning of the camera for maximum surveillance coverage.

The camera is about the same size as a normal PIR alarm detector, is weather proof and is programmed with its controls entirely within the camera. The SD card, on/off switch and viewing screen are also located here. The external power supply port is located in the base of the camera. Images can be viewed by its own viewer or by Computer or TV.

The images are in colour in daylight and black and white at night. The camera activates on movement at 30 metres in daylight in colour and 15 metres at night in black and white. The images received in daylight (colour) have a clear photo image of 100 metres plus and at night (infrared B&W) the images are clear from 12-15 metres.

The unit can be timed to turn on and off at any time over a 24 hour period, it can also be programmed to take images (still or video) in any time increments from 1 sec – 60 minutes. If for example there are animals constantly moving in front of the motion detector the camera will continually activate, it can be set to deactivate after the first group of (1-3) images are taken and reactivate after the delay setting time is reached.

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